Noah and Ellie - an example of passionate love

What’s Truly Tragic about The Notebook…

Noah and Ellie - an example of passionate love
The Notebook|Nicholas Sparks|Truly Tragic | Ellie

So my sister, my brother and I finally watched this so-often-talked-about-movie some time ago.

When we watched The Notebook, we found it to be a sad movie. A very, very sad movie. But it’s not entirely a sad movie. The love story of the young boy and girl is what basically makes the movie worth seeing.

But what exactly is tragic (or depressing?) about The Notebook?

My sister said that the death of the two main characters at the end of the movie is the most tragic thing. I disagreed. I told her that the very fact that the old man and woman are no longer the two young people depicted in the flashback makes the whole movie movingly tragic.

She disagreed and stood with her idea that the death of the two characters is the most tragic thing. I told her that death does not matter much now because the two have grown pretty old and the old woman is sick and so is the old man.

To me the most tragic thing is the fact that they no longer are what they used to be.

However, later my sister agreed that the old woman’s having forgotten her own love story is movingly tragic while the death of the two is simply tragic.

In my view, the regression depicted in the movie is quite tragic. What time has done to them! What they have become! Their youth is gone. They are weak and senile!

Allie is depicted to be so lively when she is young and passionate but look at her now. All you see is an old woman who knows nothing but that her name is Allie. It’s tragic.

While this movie may well be based on a clichéd love story, it definitely has something that makes it an interesting (and of course a sad movie).

Do watch it so that you know at least what all the fuss about The Notebook is and why some both very young and very old people are its fans.


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