Just Do It!

Hello again,

What is it that you are afraid of? What is that you have been putting off for days, for weeks, for months?

I bet there are things that scare you.

I know how you exactly feel.

For everyone, life does become difficult at some point. There are no complex arguments to justify these difficulties. They just are. Just. No, but they aren’t just.

The only philosophy that fits life well is “Just do it” which is not even a philosophy because there is no argument in this three-words statement but you will always find yourself at a point where you have to tell yourself “Just do it” because you haven’t got any other proper option.

“Just do it” might not sound any impressive philosophy but it does take you far, farther than you might think.

Imagine you have a piece of assignment that you have been dreading and shirking because it involves a great deal of independent research. It won’t end until you start it but you haven’t started it.

Why should you start it? It’s work, of course, but as to why you should have to do something as dreadful as that or even a competitive entry test? Well, you just have to.

So get started and get over with it.

Life doesn’t come with explanations, and many things just happen. Duh, they aren’t just or right. But they just are. So just live it, do it and learn it.

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