After Publishing Three Kindle Books…

Hello, hello, hello,

I’m exhilarated. I’ve never been happier. I’ve got three books out there and I’m officially a self-published author.

Why didn’t I do it earlier?

I know I have a special talent for creative writing and it was only a couple of days ago that I decided that I need to directly reach out to my readers. I create good stories. I create good characters.

I said to myself, “Let’s go find some good readers.”


That was what I first thought. And I guess that’s the best thought I have ever had.

I’m feeling that I’m making continuous progress. I have got three books out there. Those who want to read are reading them.

Frankly speaking, it’s not even about how many people buy your book or even read it. The three short-stories that I have published so far were very important to me:

  1. The Random, Average Girl
  2. The Sad Girl
  3. The Finite Girl

These three stories – as the names indicate – have some common theme. The main concerns in the stories are that of girls. These are tales of relationships, love, trust, growing-up and above everything humanity.

I’d appreciate if you would have a look.

That said, I’m so glad that I started writing in an age when self-publishing is so easy with a blessing like Kindle. Really, my writerly hope is rekindled.

As I receive the results of my creative, self-publishing experiments, I’ll keep you guys informed.


S.K. Barlaas

8 thoughts on “After Publishing Three Kindle Books…

  1. “Why didn’t I do it earlier?”
    When I wrote my first novel about 7 years ago, self-publishing was still greatly looked down upon. Like, you’re writing wasn’t good enough for a “real” publisher. While self-publishing doesn’t have quite the negative stigma it used to have, I think most people still hold out for help from a publisher because even though anyone can publish on Kindle now, not many people can sell enough books to make a living at it. Traditional publishers still have the edge when it comes to reaching readers and getting books on shelves.


    1. Yeah, Leigh, I totally agree with you. But I’m looking forward to the days when self-publishing novels will be making New York times bestsellers and will reach the same stage as traditionally published novels.


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