You Do it for Yourself…

Believe in yourself. Do live for yourself!
You do it for yourself, not for your grandpa.

I’m going to introduce you to three people:

I, me and myself.

Say hello to each one of them.

They always sit together and have been best friends ever since the universe was born.

There are many things we do and many times we are under the impression that we are doing it for someone other than ourselves. That’s wrong. And if we are actually doing things for someone else, that’s very, very wrong.

Simply knowing that every single action we take is for ourselves can help us live life in a better way. In an easier way.

When we start painting as a hobby or start writing out of passion, we do it for ourselves. Yes, we may end up showing our creative side to the public but that’s a result and not a cause.

What’s the cause?

The cause is our personal beliefs. Our genuine interest in what we do. Our genuine love for what we really like to do. That’s the true cause.

That’s the truth.

What about the rest?

The rest is: stupidity.

But many times, we do things simply to fit in with others.

It’s then that blunders happen. We feel awkward and uncomfortable and hurt. Why? Because we try to please others by going so many extra miles. Unnecessary, extra miles.

Sometimes, we end up with a stupid major as part of our BA or BSc. That’s when we did it for someone else. And that ended up badly.

Just have a look: being you makes life so much easier.

Being you.

Being your genuine self. Doing things your way. Not thinking about others. Not caring about others.

When you try to do things to satisfy others, it doesn’t end nicely. It ends up with you feeling exhausted.

At the end of day, you end up with two people: you and yourself. So when taking a decision, remember one thing: it’s about you, you and only you.

Pleasing others is no way to live.

Learning a new skill or giving up a bad habit.

Starting a new relationship or getting out of an abusive, old one.

All of it is for yourself. Not for your neighbor, not for your best friend. Not for your granddad (not even if he promised you a million dollars in his will). It’s you. You. You. And some more of YOU.

That’s exactly what I mean by “you do it for yourself.”

What you need to realize – and what you need to feel! – is that there is one center of every universe. That center is: YOU.

By knowing this, you get rid of fear of competition and fear of imperfection.

It’s then that self-development and self-improvement begin to happen. You finally start to fulfill your potential because you are free.

This “selfishness” makes your life more real, easier and better. You are not being rude. You are just being you.

No more insecurities. No more regrets. No more fears. And, finally, you did it for yourself!

To sum up: It’s not about them. It’s about you. Take good care of the only person you need to think about to live a fulfilling life. And life shall be so much easier. And fun 🙂

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