Meditation to Motivation for Transformations – My Journey with Mindfulness

sunbathing-2090469_1920Fascinating Question: How can you be awesome at achieving your goals?

That’s the question I love. I’ve always loved this question. It always leads to neurons firing in my brain. New ideas. New thoughts. New solutions.

Boring Answer to the Fascinating Question above: Self-discipline.

Question: How do you achieve high levels of self-discipline?

Fascinating Answer: You meditate.

“Get into the right thing and never get out.” – S. K. Barlaas

That about sums up how I got into meditation.

And I changed forever. Now, people love to change. So do I. Because you always know there’s something better out there. Something more meaningful than Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos, right?

Meditation – The Beginning of a Life-Changing Journey

It was going to be a life-changing journey – though I had no clue at that time. No one could have told me that.

Why no one?

Because I meditated all alone. I didn’t go anywhere far away to learn meditation or mindfulness. Unlike Steve Jobs, I didn’t head to a Zen-Buddhist Monastery. So no one warned me in advance about the changes, the massive transformations I’d undergo.

But I’m so glad no-one did! As then the surprise wouldn’t be as much.

Meditation has changed my life. It’s inspired me. It’s motivated me. It’s made me see myself differently. And to see the world differently. From so many new angles. And to see all these horizons that I was blind to.

But above everything, discovering meditation has led me to a whole new journey. A journey that’s taken me from a very day-to-day mechanical existence to a new level of awareness about me, about others around me and about the world.

Life-Changes I Made with Help of Meditation and Mindfulness…

So what’s meditation done for me?

So many things!

It made me want to write a whole eBook on the topic! A whole eBook (which I’ll give away for free)! That’s how passionate I feel about meditation. That’s how much I think I owe to meditation and to mindfulness. In fact, I want to teach people to mediate – to break into the mindful way of being. It’d be a pity if I couldn’t share this miraculous gift of meditation with others.

In the meantime, meditation is leading me to new paths. How does it exactly do that? By making me think differently, feel differently and – thereby – act differently. I’m not the same, old Saanwal anymore.

Meditation has allowed me to get in touch with my inner self. My inner peace. Mental peace, if you will. But it’s more than just that. Got me off Netflix & Amazon Prime Videos, to begin with.

Now I can pause. I still do rush. I’ll never stop rushing. I’m way too goal-oriented to stop rushing. But I’ll not stop pausing either. Because I won’t stop meditating.

I’ve chosen mindfulness as a way of being. And meditation as the intentional manifestation of that way of being.

The mental pauses I get by meditating allow me to change. To think slower about what I’m doing right in the moment.

And what does that lead to?


Meditation changes my view-point. Changes my ideas about life.

Changed my health habits. I now jog – every week. I never did that before. I eat healthy – daily. Never did that before.

I turned vegetarian (still considering going vegan). Never did that before either.

Other Changes because of Meditation and Mindfulness…

I finally realized finance is not my thing.

However, it was meditation even during the tough exam phase that kept my stress at bay. That kept me sane. Kept me focused on my goal. It was meditation that gave me this inner peace that I could smile every time I got out of an exam. In the end, everything turned out fine and I’m so grateful!

More changes?

Created a personal savings account. It goes up by 1 Euro every day.

What else?

I’m laser-focused on my top three goals for this summer (writing eBooks – with my first official, eBook on topic of Meditation, completing my novel, preparing for a German C2 Level exam).

What else because of Meditation?

I feel I get smarter every day. At the start of the day, I’m smart. By the end of the day, I’m smarter. Literally. And what helps me get from smart to smarter every day?


How Meditation Slows Me Down…

I mediate every day. At least five-minutes in the morning. At least ten-minutes at night (it helps me get a much peaceful sleep). And ten-minutes usually in the mid of the day (to keep me from mindlessly running from one task to another).

I’m being more mindful. Now I really try to dig deeper and ask myself: What do I want? What do I really, really want? Is it money and success? Of course. For sure. But is that the only thing. Of course not.

More than anything else, I want to be happy. I want to live every day of my life and feel I’ve had a nice time, improved myself in some ways, helped others in some ways, and improved the world in some ways. I didn’t talk like that. Never thought like that. Yet I’m there.

Meditation allowed me to take up that way of thinking. That’s all.

Meditation makes you think differently. When you mediate, you slow down. When you slow down, you come up with a deeper level of awareness about your feelings, your emotions, your true desires, as well as your insecurities and fears. But then they don’t scare you anymore. Your thoughts have slowed down. Anxiety and panic cannot easily exist if your thoughts are slowed down.

Before I started meditating, I was unaware about my own self. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted.

Now I know what I want. I want to help other people. It’s my desire to solve other people’s problems. It’s also my desire to share my ideas with the world. I cannot wait for that. Time is passing by.

That’s why I got back to writing blogs. I love writing. And yes I’ll publish my third manuscript (the working title of this novel is I Loved You Anyway). But that’s no reason to restrict myself. I can write about anything. And share. That’s what I’m doing right now.

Breakthroughs with Meditation

Steve Jobs once said he got cool new ideas for Apple products (I’m thinking iPhones and iPads) while he was meditating.

Me, too. Not about Apple products. But about my new books (both fiction-works like my novel I Loved You Anyway and non-fiction like my book on meditation). About improving my life. Breakthroughs.

Sometimes I get a breakthrough idea while meditating (a new way to look at an old problem, like dealing with a difficult family member). Other times, I’m just able to connect the dots better. Explain something that I wasn’t sure about. Someone’s behavior. My behavior. My feeling. My tension. A mental confusion.

I’ve acquired this appreciation of subtlety. Now I understand why I feel demotivated and how to motivate myself all over again. It could be a physiological factor (skipping breakfast for example) or a psychological one (a thought that I’ve hurt someone along the way). That’s the level of awareness I’m talking about. All the little things, the subtle things.

Another more tangible example: think MS Excel and those tiny little buttons that you didn’t know existed. I discovered them. I interact with tiny details better. Why? Because I’ve more patience. A finer appreciation. Think the tiny little buttons in one app that you never explored. My interaction with technology has gone to a whole new level – and I don’ feel frustrated by technology any more (and forgotten passwords and surprise shut-downs).

And it’s just a beginning. I’m so looking forward to seeing how meditation changes my life even more.

My Message to You about Meditation and Mindfulness


I want to know how meditation helps you change. How it transforms your thinking. How you think when you slow down. How you crack that code.

How you come up with a new idea. How you mediate your way through a tough, stressful phase and still manage to smile. To feel alive. What breakthroughs you make. How you share your love and joy with the world after becoming mindful through meditation. After deciding to adjust on a daily basis. Adjust in order to feel happiness.

Now there isn’t a magic drug to make the world a happier place. However, meditation for sure comes very close.

Therefore, I ask you to try out meditation. Any type you like. Anytime you like. Get to know your inner self.


In my eBook (soon to be given away for free) you will find a lot more about “How to Meditate” but right now I gladly share a quick meditation technique.

Meditation Simplified

Sit down somewhere really quiet. Close your eyes. Cross your legs. Let your hands rest in your lap. Keep your back-straight. Breathe in the slowest you can. Pause for one to two second. Now breathe out the slowest you can. Hear the sound of that slow breathing. Every time. Keep doing that. For at least a minute. And that’s all you need to know to begin with your journey of becoming mindful through meditation.

Take Care,

Mindfully Yours,


P.S: Meditation is a scientifically proven technique that helps with self-control, stress-reduction as well as other other issues like sleep disorders.



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