Meditation – an indicator and accelerator of your concentration-levels

I just completed my meditation session lasting for 28 minutes. The before state was just so not right. The after state has a feeling of “bless” in it.

I come again to an old realization – and I come to this realization very often when I meditate properly:

“Meditation is an indicator of as well as an accelerator of focus, self-control and mental strength at any given time.” – my quote

I have realized that when I am in a great state of mind, I can meditate easily and enjoyable with almost no effort, even in a well-lit room. On the other hand, when I am in a terrible mental state and the world seems just not right (lack of sleep or whatever), I cannot meditate – I basically cannot do anything to be honest. And of course I cannot enjoy meditating. In that case, I switch off all lights and meditate in a pitch-black room. That’s the best recovery for an exhausted brain. And if you do it for half an hour, you have a good shot at feeling at least “all right” afterwards.

So that just happened to me.

Why else would I put my energy and focus into writing something like this that has no immediate use for me and isn’t one of my main tasks?

Anyway, let’s get to the main take-aways for you:

  1. Meditation can always make a positive dent to your mental state. Have faith.
  2. Meditate in a dark room with no visual or auditory stimuli around you – that’s how you focus on meditating
  3. Adjust the technique of meditation to your mood or mental capacity at that time, that is, not all techniques work all the times.
  4. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night – that will itself bring your focus (and meditation) into a great form.
  5. Use some sort of mantra in the meditation. I have learned from the book Willpower by Kelly McGonigal: label “inhales” and “exhales” as you breathe in and out during your meditation. That makes for a much less-boring and far more engaging mediation!
  6. Have a meditation ritual for morning and for night (my personal favorite is: at least 10 minutes each time)
  7. Treat meditation as an obligatory task or a religious ritual that you must get done (otherwise you will be too unfocused to meditate).
  8. Take good care of your diet. Less of junk-food. More of plant-based nutrition. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily.
  9. Have an agenda for your day – don’t just roam around because you don’t feel like it. That’s the worst thing that can happen.
  10. Last but not least: Read scientific researches on meditation (such as by Kabbat-Zinn) to know that meditation is not just a stupid juju or a practice for those who believe in supernatural (meditation is by far the most scientifically proven techniques to help in curing of a myriad of problems: sleeplessness, depression, schizophrenia, anger-issues among several others)

Take care, 🙂


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