Mrs. London Real & Mrs. Impact Theory

A while ago I happened to land across an episode of London Real – a famous show on YouTube run by an American guy named Brian Rose – that had his own wife as the guest of the show. It was called #RealTalk: Marriane The Love of My Life (if I remember correctly).

I must be honest: I was surprised and to be very honest quite disappointed to see Brian’s wife. Why? Well, she hardly seemed like a woman who matched Brian’s intellect, wit, confidence or his way of being. Again, I’m not judging Brian for marrying her – I am sure they are a lovely couple and live together happily (and may they do so for the rest of their lives). My point is: I simply expect people at forefront of thought leadership and motivation shows to have spouses that really are their emotional and intellectual equivalents.

Now of course here I might be making gross generalization about the personality of Mrs. London Real but even a glimpse of the Real Talk episode of London Real tells you that the woman just doesn’t sound like Brian’s wife – at least not the Brian you and I know from London Real (maybe that’s where I am mistaking). Because that Brian is super smart, funny, witty and confident. The wife – I believe her name is Mariane – doesn’t sound as confident. Again, not everyone looks good on the screen but I just couldn’t find in her anything that made me think: yes together they make a good couple. With my fluid imagination, I went as far as to think that Brian Rose is the one calling the shots in this marriage and that the wife is a passive observer. Again, these conclusions are dangerous and simply stupid unless of course one really knows the couple . . . but still . . .

On the other hand I also saw the husband (Impact Theory’s host: Tom Bilyeu) and the wife (Mrs. Bilyeu – oops I forgot her name though I should not refer to women as Mrs. if I am going to write such an article) together on the show. And boy were they a terrific match! They were replying to audience’s questions (which is what Brian and Mariane were doing on the Real Talk of London Real) and every time Tom voiced his opinion, his wife voiced her with superb confidence and not even a tinge of submission. That was impressive! I thought to myself: Now that’s a couple well put together by the heavens.

I hope if you are reading you don’t get the impression that I hate one show or the other. I love both shows (to be honest London Real more than Impact Theory for some reasons, including the fact that I’m more used to watching the former). However, I am someone who just loves poking his nose into people’s personal relationships and analyzing couples that I happen to spot, on the streets or on the screens. In this case the couples happen to be at center of topics I love: life optimization and potential realization.

But maybe not all couples are meant to have intellectual and emotional equivalent spouses. Maybe, they work well with the ying-yang pairing that they have. London Real’s couple definitely has that characteristic. Impact Theory’s couple, on the other hand, is a beautiful example of what an emotionally and intellectually balanced marriage looks like.

However, what’s funny that the former (London Real’s) seemed happier than the later. But then again if I remember correctly Tom and his wife have been married for more than a decade while Brian’s marriage is not that old (they were expecting a baby at the time they had the Real Talk). Tom and his wife have no baby and they made it clear on the show that they have different priorities and are happy with their choice.

Tony Robbins and his second wife Sage are another example of a ying-yang couple. You know who calls the shot in that marriage (or you can make an educated guess). For some reason I find the ying-yang marriage annoying. It’s just that there seems to be the subjugation of one and the dominance of the other.

I think eventually what plays a big role in the choice of your partner (that holds true for Brian and Tom and for the rest of the men and women on earth) is dependent on your ego. Who you choose to marry will have to please your ego or at least fit together with it. To marry someone who is not as talented or as confident as you are is to have someone who bolsters your own ego for there is your better-half who needs your protection (either physically, emotionally or even intellectually). In case of Brian I would imagine that he chose to marry the woman because he put up with his ego enough and for long enough. Her background also has a role to play: she was a saleswoman at a high-end dress shop and she had left her country (Czech, if I remember correctly) to work in London (where Brian at the time was doing Investment Banking, long before he started London Real).

Anyway, that was my long-winded thoughts. Let me know what you think, whether you agree, disagree or don’t find the topic interesting enough to have an opinion about it. In any case, to end this article, I would say I wish all the couples of the world the very best for their future even if to me some of them seem like not the best matches in terms of their characteristics.

Take Care,


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